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Archive for August, 2006

If your writing needs a creative shot-in-the-arm, you’ll find yourself jolted into uncharted fiction and non-fiction territory in this all-day workshop. Based on Dorothea’s popular 10-week Advanced Creative Writing course, this down-and-dirty writing day is not for the timid. Come prepared to participate in bold on-the-spot writing exercises and pry open your mind with a literary crowbar. If you enjoy stretching beyond the bounds of the expected, this workshop is for you.

Advertising represents a highly creative and lucrative market for writers who enjoy a challenge. This workshop presents an overview of what ad writing involves and how it differs from literary style. In addition to defining advertising and how it fits into a company’s marketing plan, participants will learn the parts of a print ad, how to write advertorials and radio ads, where visuals fit in, how copywriters interact with clients and agencies, how Internet advertising differs from traditional media, what to charge for copywriting, etc.

Whether you’re an aspiring comedy writer, an author interested in incorporating humour into articles and stories, or a business person looking to add some zip to your marketing materials, you can benefit from this all-day workshop. During this information-packed day, Dorothea leads you through some of the humour writing exercises used by professionals who have to be funny on demand. During the workshop, you will find out what makes something funny, learn to write gags, make your writing more marketable, spice up traditional material with a humorous shot-in-the-arm, explore various markets for humour, discover how humour formulas can help you write effective titles, enjoy breaking some writing rules, drink coffee and laugh a lot.

This 10-week course offers an overview of fiction and non-fiction. Students receive an assignment each week, and the following week share their writing verbally with the group for feedback. Dorothea also conducts interactive exercises to inspire students to expand on their creativity base. This is the course Dorothea took in 1992 that launched her writing career.