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Coaxing closet writers to emerge and make their magic known!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Haliburton (watch for exact location to come)

A business workshop presented by a self-proclaimed “fairy”? Far from oogie-woogie new age incense-saturated fluff, The Business of Writing offers a condensed overview of starting and running a freelance writing business. Do you believe that it’s impossible for writers to make a good living in Canada today? Did you work a tremendous number of hours last year writing for little money? Have you ever heard, “Oh, you’re a writer, but what’s your REAL job?” If you answered “Yes” to any or all of the above, you need The Writing Fairy’s guidance. A natural choice for a home-based business, writing can be a fulfilling and lucrative career, IF approached as an entrepreneurial venture. The demand for freelance writing and editing services stems from a wide variety of clients. This workshop provides an overview of what is involved in starting up a writing business – from motivation, to targeting markets, approaching editors and keeping pertinent receipts and records. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes writers make and how to charge for various jobs. A day of empowerment, this workshop introduces the left brain practices most writers fear and avoid, and places them in perspective by tackling topics such as pricing, setting up basic books, marketing, etc. It doesn’t hurt. Honest.

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OK people, you’ve got about a month left to enter The Writing Fairy Humor-Writing Contest! The judges are all on pins and needles, waiting to receive your brilliantly funny stuff. Pins and needles hurt, so get off your butt and write something funny already and send it in.

It’s only 10 bucks to enter, and you stand to win a fabulous prize if your entry is chosen as one of the top three.

Here are some reasons why you should polish up a funny entry soon:

  • You could win $500, $250 or $125 for making the judges laugh
  • It’s an opportunity to do some highly creative writing
  • The final three judges are fabulously funny writers Neil Crone, Debra McGrath and Gordon Kirkland
  • Even the first-round judges are sufficiently wacky to do the job (their identities will remain anonymous, as they’re in a first-round judge protection program at the moment)
  • There aren’t that many humour-writing contests out there
  • The best time to enter a writing contest is the first year it’s run, because fewer people know about it
  • It’s fun
  • The Writing Fairy says so

So let’s hear it from all you closet comics — I know you’re out there. Visit the Humour-Writing Contest page and follow the bouncing ball.

Looking forward to reading your stuff!

Contest Deadline Monday, November 13, 2006