Hey, I’ll be providing blue-pencil sessions at the 2012 Ontario Writers’ Conference (www.thewritersconference.com), to be held on May 5th in Ajax, Ontario. This will be  my third year providing the blue-pencil service at that conference, and it’s one of my favourite writing-related things to do.

Here’s the scoop. If you sign up to attend the conference, you can pay an additional fee to sit down with one of the blue-pencillers for a 15-minute, one-on-one discussion of a three-page, double-spaced, 12-pt. piece of writing that you send in prior to the day (subject to availability – the slots fill up quickly). What the heck can be accomplished in 15 minutes, you might ask? Well, from experience, I can tell you, a LOT!

During that sessions, we provide writers with general comments on their pieces, specifics on details they’ve done well and others that still need work, as well as suggestions for publishing possibilities. You can ask questions about the piece, about writing in general, the publishing world, etc. It’s a positive, fun experience. For me, it’s exciting to watch the”light” go on in the writers’ eyes as their words are “seen” through the eyes of a reader who is also a published writer and editor.

The conference is a fun day jam packed with opportunities for learning, networking and promoting your work.  If you’ve been before, remember to sign up soon for the 2012 event. If the OWC is new to you, treat yourself to a literary shot in the arm and register now. See you there!