Hi Everyone, and WELCOME to The Writing Fairy website. I'm Dorothea Helms, freelance writer, poet, book author, fiction dabbler, writing instructor, keynote speaker, humorist, wife, mother and slave to my English Bulldog, Margaret. My website is undergoing a facelift, boob lift, liposuction, weight loss program ... wait a minute - those are things I need personally. Sheesh. But my website IS in transition after being neglected for a LONG time. My goal is to inspire writers; my method humour (or humor in the U.S.). Enjoy!

Coaxing closet writers to emerge and make their magic known!

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Conference Bag

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Book Light

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People LOVE these book lights! Inscribed with “May the magic of words light your way,” the light provides inspiration as well as a way to read at night when the other person wants the main light off! Comes in an attractive gift box.

Mouse Pad

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With The Writing Fairy Mouse Pad, the recipient of this gift will have a constant reminder to be proud of being a writer, and more importantly, TO WRITE!

Magic Wand

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This handy flexi-light/wand is great for searching through a handbag during a concert, being able to look into a spot that is hard to shine a regular flashlight into, or using the laser pointer during a presentation. Comes in an attractive gift box.


$19.95 Canadian – Shipping included


The Writing Fairy® Guide to Calling Yourself a Writer, the first in the series of The Writing FairyTM Guide books is now available.

Do you know deep down inside that you are a writer, but hesitate to refer to yourself with that label in case you’re not worthy? Do you long to see your byline on articles, poems or books, but hold back from sending in anything in case your work might be rejected? Are you afraid of rejection, or of success?

A big part of becoming a writer is giving yourself the gift of permission to live out that passion. How? Enter the wacky world of popular writing instructor Dorothea Helms, the self-proclaimed Writing Fairy, and discover the freedom to admit and to be what you really are.

If you are one of the thousands of closet writers out there, it’s time to acknowledge your passion for words and come out into the light. Let Dorothea help you take the all-important step of calling yourself a writer, and then do something about it.

This book is inspirational – and hilarious. Dorothea is an internationally published humour writer whose edgy voice and straightforward advice have helped hundreds of writers get their psychological “starts” in the biz.

“People may wonder how someone could write a whole book on the topic of calling yourself a writer,” Dorothea says, “but after 10 years of teaching creative writing at the college level, I have discovered that my job is mainly to offer permission to people to do just that. When it happens, magic occurs. That’s why I call myself The Writing Fairy. And frankly, can you prove that I’m not?”

Watch for Dorothea’s next book, The Writing Fairy® Guide to Freelancing.

Remember to indicate whether you would like the book signed and personalized to someone special.

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