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One of the most common things writers approach me with is this comment: “I’d like to pick your brain.”

I always say, “You’re welcome to what’s left of it, but some days the pickins are pretty slim!”

In fact, I’ve learned a LOT over the years that I’ve been a freelance writer and editor – and every now and then I remember some of it.

I’ve decided to share some of my moments of lucidity with you in a series of short audio clips. I’ll add new ones regularly, so be sure to check back from time to time.

And if you like what I have to say, hire me to come out to your group or business and I’ll do a fabulous writing workshop for you.

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It’s official! The WINNERS of The Writing Fairy® Sort-of-Annual Humour-Writing Contest have been annnounced.
Click on the audio links to hear the winning entries.


FIRST PLACE went to Lois Gordon for her entry entitled “Sex Drive.” ($500 prize)

SECOND PLACE went to Valerie Mutton for her “Queen of Clean” submission. ($250 prize)

THIRD PLACE was claimed by the writing team of Shirley Neal and Bill Rundle for “The Bare Essentials.” ($125 prize)

My compliments as well to everyone who entered, and to all the Finalists.

Following is the list of the writers of the 10 Finalist entries:

Lois Gordon (TWO of her entries made it into the final 10!)
Valerie Mutton
Shirley Neal and Bill Rundle (team entry)
James Dewar and Susan Lynn Reynolds (team entry)
Dave Jones
Dale Long
June Duffy-Smith
Carl Bedal
Berenice Freedome

WATCH FOR THE NEXT Writing Fairy® Sort-of-Annual Humour-Writing Contest coming soon …

“Friday at the Foster”
September 22, 2006

Bette, Lana, Connie, Barbara and Dorothea
Bette, Lana, Connie, Barbara and Dorothea

On September 22nd, local writing instructor Dorothea Helms, a.k.a. The Writing Fairy, introduced four of her former creative writing students.

Lana Cutrara has been published in “The Globe and Mail,” “There’s No Place Like Home,” “Today’s Homes,” “Career Choices,” and “The Mom Project.” She enjoys her role as the Membership Co-ordinator for the Writer’s Circle of Durham Region (WCDR).

Come Lie With Me (2:48)

Each week of the creative writing course, we were asked by The Writing Fairy to dip our hands into the mystery box for next weeks assignment. I unfolded the paper to find “400 word love scene“.

Bette Hodgins is a freelance writer and health care consultant who lives by the motto, “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” An award-winner in two national writing contests, Bette has a writer’s enthusiasm for challenge and adventure.

24 Hour Contest – Smart (4:48)

Bette entered this piece in the 2005 Writers’ Circle of Durham Region 24 hour On-line Non-fiction contest. Absolutely thrilled to receive an “Honourable Mention”, Bette was doubly excited to see it published on the WCDR website.

Barbara E. Hunt has been published with CBC Radio One, “The Globe and Mail,” “The M.O.M. Project” and “Homemakers.” She is on the board of WCDR, teaches poetry, and is a finalist in LICHEN Arts & Letters Preview “One Hundred and One Words Non-Poetry Challenge.”

Sick Kids (2:12)

Last year I was so impressed by the entire Sick Kids experience which is so different from other hospitals and this is the poem that came from spending a week there with my child. This poem is unpublished.

Missing (2:03)

Stephen Lewis among other speakers this past summer made an immense impact whenever the topic of Africa came up. This poem is unpublished.

Connie Jamieson has enjoyed success in healthcare, outdoor recreation and other freelance writing. Her short fiction piece was a finalist in the Writers’ Union of Canada 2003 Postcard Story Competition; her “Opinion Shaper” articles appeared in Metroland newspapers in 2003; and her memoir won the Fall 2004 WCDR 24-hour non-fiction contest.

Perpetuity (2:03)

Metamorphsis (1:49)

Following my aunt’s funeral in April 2005, I wrote the memoir “Perpetuity.” When I read it at my writing circle, Northword Edition in Uxbridge, Dorothea challenged me to rewrite it as a poem so I spent a day scribbling prose and rhyming forms. The resulting ballad “Metamorphosis” won the poetry division in the 2006 Haliburton Highlands Writers’ and Editors’ Network contest and was published in the anthology Liaisons 2006, proving again that a sprinkling of fairy dust works wonders.