I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a geek. To me, it’s  much more than watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and thinking that math is fun. Geekdom is a state of mind that places us in a world of intellectual pursuits from which we can escape to do occasional other things like watch The Real Housewives of … Something. To me, being a geek is being oneself, even when “oneself” does not fall into the parameters of what is universally considered “cool.”

It’s not easy being geek, especially in high school. Teenagers may have more patience for the smarty pants set now that Big Bang Theory is such a hit, but I suspect not. When I went to high school, we were the ones who were made fun of, ridiculed and ostracized by the football-playing, cheerleading crowd. Today, those cool kids rely on us to fix their computers and life problems.

I have always found nerds cool. I’d rather chat with someone who understands physics more than hockey; who gets more excited about the space program than American Idol. I may not know who the Kardashians are, but I know that string theory is a controversial connector of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Years ago, I gave up trying to be what society wanted me to be. I am who I am, and I like what I like, and I don’t care what’s “in” at the moment in any area of life. Geekdom is the freedom to be whatever and whomever I choose to be on any given day.

So there.