Every time I poo-poo something, I end up doing it. Damn, I hate that. But it’s true.

I used to have NO interest at all in dogs, and now I’m a canine fanatic.I used to hate modern design, and now I long for simpler lines and buy contemporary furnishings. I used to scoff at people who watch what I call “judgment TV” and now I’m one of them. I love So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, Top Chef Canada, Master Chef, Iron Chef … you get the competition picture.

I used to hate the idea of blahgging, and now … well, OK, I still kind of do. No offense intended against you readers, but for me, keeping a blog is kind of like keeping a diary or journal. Didn’t like doing that as a kid, and I still don’t. Maybe it’s because there are already so many mandatory deadlines in life. Get up for school/work, do homework/freelance assignments, get dinner on the table, get laundry done before someone runs out of clean underwear, dentist appointments, doctor appointments, hair appointments. Sheesh. Do I have to impose more commitments on myself?

The answer is NO. That’s why I was blunt at the beginning of the blagh that I’ll write in it when I feel like it, and not at some regular interval. Is that good marketing? Nope. Is that a way to keep people coming back to the blahg? Probably not. But you know what? It’s reality.

So – that’s my brilliance for the day. As for why I end up doing the things I criticize, I don’t know. I wonder if someday I’ll become the Queen of Blogs. Now, wouldn’t that be something?