No, not about the end of the world. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be writing deadline pieces on Sunday. I’m going to predict television show outcomes.

  • On Castle, Beckett’s father is the killer. I have thought that since the first time he showed up on the show.
  • On The Mentalist, Red John will turn out to be one of the team. Or that wacky psychic woman. I mean, do we really know that Red John is a man?
  • On Celebrity Apprentice, I think John will be the winner.
  • On American Idol, although I don’t care now that James and Casey are off, I think Scotty will win. No, I hope Scotty will win. Lauren will probably win. Please, please, don’t let growly girl win.
  • On Dancing With the Stars, Chelsea will take it

NOW – you have to understand that I predicted Harper wouldn’t get re-elected, and he won with a majority, so what do I know? But I’m pretty sure about Castle.