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Roger Ashby visited a radio station when he was 10, decided to become a radio personality, and has never looked back. He came home that day emblazoned with such a passion for the idea, that his dad built him a mock radio station in their Waterloo home. “Dad hooked up everything so I could broadcast into the living room, and I did that for seven years,” says Ashby. “I’m convinced that experience paid off.”

It paid off for him personally, and for CHUM FM. The station’s morning show, Roger Rick & Marilyn, dominates radio tuning during the morning drive period. Together on air since 1986, this dynamic trio has won numerous awards and consistently pumps out the top-rated morning radio program in Canada.

It also paid off for listeners, who have enjoyed Roger’s wacky sense of humor and comprehensive music knowledge since 1968: first on Hamilton’s CKOC; then on CHUM AM; and since 1985 on CHUM FM. For the past 21 years, Roger has been part of the charismatic team that gives Toronto area listeners an auditory wake-up call each day on CHUM FM’s award-winning Morning Show.

From the “Joke of the Day,” to “Fun Files,” fans immerse themselves in the hilarious camaraderie of the three friends. “Quite a bit of what we do is ad lib,” says Ashby, “but we have material written for us, too.” Whether they’re commuting to work, cooking breakfast, or pretending to be at home sick, listeners feel the on-air “magic” that Roger, Rick and Marilyn create, and think of them as family. “That family feeling is what we hope to achieve,” says Roger. “You don’t know that kind of chemistry is going to happen until it does.”

Roger’s home life exudes a magic of its own. He lives in a stately house in an older established Toronto area with his stunning wife, Moira. They have a 23-year-old son named Regan. Roger’s office houses his extensive music collection, plus some cherished memorabilia: a photo of Roger with Mick Jagger, a picture frame made from the original CHUM building tiles, and his many awards.

Despite Roger’s hectic schedule at the station, he still finds time to complete his duties as Honorary Chairman of the Big Brothers of Metro Toronto, and the family enjoys a cottage throughout the year. Roger Ashby is living his dream, both at work and at home.