OK, so I was wrong about a couple of my predictions. In fact, my hunches are often wrong. I predicted that after screwing things up, Harper would NOT get elected to a second term, let alone with a majority. Many years ago, I bought Air Canada stock, convinced that it would make me a rich woman. When we ordered the biggest kitchen sink Blanco makes, I told Rich it would be too small – and it’s so big, I could practically take a bath in it. So I’m wrong now and then. That’s why I’m not a financial planner or a psychic. Speaking of which, back in the 1970s, my neighbour Weezie and I called all our friends and had a “come-as-you-are psychic party.” You’d think I’d have figured out then that I had no talent for predictions. But noooooooo – I have to keep on being “sure” of things. It’s the stubborn Taurus in me.

Let’s see … I predict Sarah Palin will be the next President of the United States. THERE – we’re safe from that ever happening. Phew!