Durham College North Campus (Uxbridge, ON):
Fall 2006: September 27 through November 29

This course is for adults who aren’t quite sure they’re ready to call themselves writers, but who are compelled to arrange letters and words on print surfaces or computer screens to tell stories and share opinions. In other words, closet writers. During the day, participants will share their feelings about writing and explore a number of possibilities for realizing their passion more fully. A series of interactive exercises will help them recognize the uniqueness of their voices, and unleash the magic that only they can conjure up through their use of words. Oh, and with Dorothea at the helm, there will be way too much laughter during this inspiring day!

A popular overview of fiction and non-fiction writing, this is the course that Dorothea took in 1992 that launched her writing career. Visit Durham College Website to register. Remember, this is the course offered at the North Campus in Uxbridge.