Competitive Fairy Advatages

    Outrageous sense of humour

  • Wherever Dorothea goes, fun follows. Students continually remark that taking her courses and workshops is as much fun as it is informative.
  • Dorothea considers teaching and keynote speaking “performing” and presents an engaging experience for her students and audiences.
  • This Fairy has been fascinated with humour since she was a young child and first saw Carol Burnett on “The Garry Moore Show.” Her role models also include Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, and Erma Bombeck.
  • Dorothea has served on the faculty of a U.S. humour-writing conference and teaches a popular workshop on how to “Make Money Being Funny.”
  • Over the years, Dorothea’s humour writing has been published in numerous North American magazines and newspapers.
  • The Writing Fairy Guide to Calling Yourself a Writer is Dorothea’s first book for writers, and is FUNNY STUFF.
    Extensive Experience

  • Dorothea began her freelance writing career in 1992. Since then, she has published thousands of articles in a variety of publications, and she has won awards for personal essay writing and poetry.
  • The Writing Fairy also owns Write Stuff Writing Services, through which Dorothea produces topnotch written material for business clients, from magazines and newspapers to hospitals, corporations, municipalities, and the government.
  • Dorothea has interviewed and written about 60 Canadian celebrities, and she has enjoyed meeting these fascinating people. She has a lot of funny stories about her experiences hobnobbing with the famous.
  • A former business trainer, Dorothea is as well-versed in the left-brain side of writing as the right. She regularly grosses yearly revenues into the six digits, and she teaches other writers to start and run freelance businesses.
  • Dorothea has taught creative writing at the college level since the mid-1990s. She also offers a series of popular workshops on specific writing topics.
  • For more than a decade, Dorothea has been a member of The Writers’ Circle of Durham Region – one of Canada’s most dynamic writing organizations.
  • This wacky Fairy has delivered keynote speeches to writers’ groups, business people, and government organizations. She even has a presentation on spelling and grammar that is delivered in a humorous format. Who knew spelling and grammar could be fun?
    The COOLNESS Factor

  • Dorothea is cool. That’s reason enough to hire her.
  • Through The Writing Fairy, Dorothea runs a “Sort-of-Annual” writing contest. And let’s face it – that’s cool.
    How to Hire Dorothea

  • Contact her.
  • Book her to present a workshop, course or keynote speech, or to do some fabulous writing for you.
  • Pay her.