The death of Amy Winehouse saddens me. My daughter introduced me to her music a couple years ago, and I have been enraptured with her ever since. We both feel that Amy was a musical genius. As much as I wished she hadn’t used drugs and lived life quite so far on the edge, I also admired her for not trying to be anyone she wasn’t. In addition to being musically fascinating, I find her songs and singing honest to a level that I’m not sure I’ve ever reached in my life. Maybe never will. I admire her for that. She was true to her artistic voice.

I’m reminded of some of the other musical geniuses who died too young: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison. And even though they made it well past their twenties, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley died young as well. Like Amy Winehouse, they all had a certain “shock” value to their music and performances. They pushed the limits with their music. But unlike artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga, they didn’t rely on that as a way to mask mediocre talent (just my opinion, of course). Some of you may be Madonna/Lady Gaga fan – different artistic voices speak to different people.

Oh, I’m so sad that Amy is gone. I’ve been looking forward to having more of her music with me in the future. I’m grateful for the musical legacy she left behind. I hope you’re at peace, Amy.